Work culture @ SONIZ - The power of having fun at work should never be underestimated. People simply are more productive and motivated if they are having’s just the way we are wired. We offer our team a platform to learn and grow while spending best of their life time at work coz WE DO WHAT WE LOVE here....!!
Currently we are looking for people who can fit in below mentioned roles :-
  • Web Designer - Someone with creative blood running in the veins.
  • Project manager (Development) - Have Fun As The Leader..!!
    As a leader of your team or organization, you play a big role in establishing the culture. If you are having fun, chances are good that fun at work will become a culture.
Interested candidates may drop-in their resumes on
To get detailed information on the above openings, you may contact HR desk (9AM - 6PM) - Monday to Friday on 91-9216667888.
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